Dental implants Thailand: A quick overview

After plenty of research online and an in-person consultation with your dental care provider, you have found out that the right treatment for you is dental implants thailand. Unfortunately, you got startled at the part when they gave the cost estimate – it is sky-high and a little too much for your current pocket. 

dental implants thailand

If you are from a developed country, here is your savior – dental tourism to another country with much lower dental implant pricing, such as Vietnam and Thailand. In this article, Sydney will cover what it is like to have dental implants Thailand so you can weigh your options and come up with the best decision for your case. Wait no more, let’s live right into it!

1. What are dental implants?

Implants are designed to serve as alternative tooth roots for lost or severely damaged teeth. When people refer to implants, most of the time it is not only the implant posts they are talking about but the one whole functional dental piece, including the metal post, an abutment on top of the post, and a prosthesis to be attached on the abutment, which can be a crown, bridge, or denture.

2. In what ways are dental implants helpful to you?

If you are suffering from missing teeth or your teeth have been deemed a lost cause by the dentist, one of the most ideal choices in store for you is getting dental implants for a brand new beautiful smile.

Apart from the aesthetics, tooth loss poses multiple serious issues to patients. Without certain teeth, the biting surface is severely affected, causing problems in chewing food and hence other issues like stomach upset or gastric indigestion. The second hassle is as soon as the tooth is lost, the jawbone starts to disappear, which can cause other dental conditions and your face to look asymmetrical.

Dental implants are a permanent, durable fix for your missing teeth which enables you to communicate, eat, and drink at great ease and comfort. These are the alternatives that look and function just like the real deal – other people may not be able to tell your original teeth and dental implants apart.

3. What is the procedure for getting a dental implant in Thailand?

Initial consultation

The patient will have a free first appointment with a dentist. They will give you an oral examination and learn about your medical history. Then you are given recommendations on treatment and its details. Any questions or concerns you may have will also be addressed by the dentist during this visit.

Treatment plan

Based on the first visit with the patient, the dental care specialist will come up with a preliminary treatment plan. This plan will be presented at length to you. Once you are happy with every detail, the treatment will begin.

Dental implantation

At this visit, the dental implants are inserted into your jawbone using specialized dental tools. You will be given local or general anesthesia for a painless and comfortable procedure. Specifically, during the treatment, the dental surgeon will:

  • Apply anesthesia. They will give you the right dose of local anesthesia to have your gums numbed up. If you want to sedation, that is you’ll be sleeping over the course of the surgery, the dentist may accommodate that request if they deem it possible;
  • Open your gums. As soon as the numbing medication takes effect, the dentist will make a cut in your gums to make room for the dental implant. This will reveal the bone underneath for the implant to go into;
  • Place the implant. The provider will put the dental implant into your jaw with extra care; and
  • Close the cuts. Last step is when your dentist repositions the gums and stitches the access hole shut.
dental implants thailand
dental implants thailand

Abutment and prosthesis attachment

During the second and possibly a third visit, you will be given an abutment and a tooth restoration to finish the implant treatment. Then you can go home with a new pretty smile.


It is quite common for patients to experience some soreness and discomfort following an implant procedure. However, that will resolve on its own after a few days. The pain may get worse as the local anesthesia given to you during the surgery starts to lose effect. The pain is most often at the area of the implant surgery.

To help you alleviate the pain, the dental care provider will give you advice regarding how to keep yourself comfortable after surgery as follows:

  • Take prescription or nonprescription (OTC) pain relievers;
  • Keep away from certain foods, that is items with hard texture or are spicy;
  • Use ice packs to help with any swelling;
  • Rest for the day following surgery and possibly the next ones until you feel normal again;
  • Follow the dentist’s directions on how to care for the wound area.

4. Dental tourism in Thailand

Essentially speaking, dental tourism is when patients in developed countries travel to a developing nation for both their dental work and a great vacation – killing two birds with one stone. That way they can save quite a sum of money – up to 20%, taking all costs including accommodation, airplane tickets, meals, and dental treatment fees into the bill.

5. Dental implants are offered at reasonable costs in Thailand

Generally put, the costs for dental implants in Thailand can be 50-70% lower than those in countries like the US, UK, and Australia. In particular, a single implant may cost you only AU$ 1,200 in Thailand while it is charged at AU$ 5,000-5,500. Average estimated pricing for different dental implant procedures in Thailand are listed below for your record:

Procedure  Price
Single-tooth dental implant AU$ 1,200-1,600
Immediate/one-appointment dental implant AU$ 1,600
Dental implant abutment & Porcelain crown AU$ 1,200-1,400
All-on-four AU$ 12,800

What dental implant brands are provided in Thailand?

dental implants thailand
dental implants thailand

A series of dental implants manufactured by internationally recognized makers are available in Thailand for you to choose from. Some of these are:

Noble Biocare Biohorizon
Straumann Paragon
Biocon Zimmer
Branemark Osstem
OCO Biomedical BIOMET 3i

6. A word from Sydney

Hopefully after this read from Sydney Dental you have grasped a good picture of what it is like to receive dental implant treatment in Thailand and its cost estimate. If you are still unsure of anything in search of a new unforgettably stunning smile, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are at 499-501 Ba Hat St, Ward 8, District 10, HCMC, Vietnam looking forward to your visit. You may also call us at (028) 3504 9440 for a free no-obligation comprehensive consultation. Your pretty, shiny smile is 100% guaranteed at Sydney Dental!

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