In addition to our well-trained, experienced team of dentists, Sydney Dental’s facilities are another key factor in our outstanding service quality as well as customers’ satisfaction. Let us show you around right now.

1. Spacious, luxurious space

All Sydney’s locations and partners boast a space of aesthetics and class yet with exceptional comfort and coziness for the best customers’ experience.

Our reception areas

sanh le tan

Our exam rooms

Our sterile rooms

Our labs


2. State-of-the-art equipment

Sydney also takes pride in owning the most innovative dental equipment from leading internationally recognized manufacturers.

Sirona Intego Dental Chair

Model name: INTEGO

Maker: Sirona

Country of origin: Germany

Imported directly from Germany, Sirona Intego is deemed a globally top-rated dental chair with optimal supporting features, bringing patients the greatest level of comfort and peace of mind during their procedure, regardless of the duration.

Sirona Orthophos XG 3D: Panoramic, Cephalo & Cone Beam CT

Sydney Dental is proud to be one of the very few dental establishments with the 3-in-1 Orthophos XG 3D, cutting-edge piece of equipment made in Germany.

☑️ Crystal clear 2D and 3D imaging, ensuring accurate detailed analysis of your oral state, including the bone structure, bone density, tissues, and nerves; 

☑️ Minimal radiation level – 20 to 30 times less than that from a traditional X-ray machine.

Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening

Model name: Zoom Advance

Maker: Phillips

Country of origin: the US

The Zoom WhiteSpeed has been clinically proven to be able to lighten teeth up to 8 shades in only 45 minutes. This is thanks to the WhiteSpeed advanced blue LED light-activated technology that emits at the optimal light spectrum with 100% greater light intensity. The whitening process is further enhanced by WhiteSpeed exclusive whitening gel, giving patients much brighter smiles with long-lasting results.

3. Sterilization of international standards

Sterilization holds essential in safe, effective dentistry by eliminating risk of infection and transmission of diseases. With that in mind, Sydney is equipped with world-class facilities for a sterilization process of global standards.

Our top-notch sterilizers

SIRONA DAC Universal Autoclave

Imported from Germany, the DAC Universal is made exclusively for dental drills, the most frequently-used instruments in dentistry. It completely disinfects dental instruments to bring the risk of cross-infection down to zero.

SIRONA DAC Premium Autoclave

DAC Premium is an innovative sterilizer that brings perfect safety in dental examinations and treatments through:

☑️ The twin chamber technology and short, reliable sterilization cycles, including drying

☑️The vacuum system that allows effective cleaning applicable to complex dental instruments, including those stored in tool bags.

BIOSONIC UC300 Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Biosonic UC300 is known as a comprehensive ultrasonic cleaning system. It guarantees an efficient cleaning process and minimizes the risk of cross-infection from handwashing.

Midmark M3 UltraFast® Automatic Sterilizer

The Midmark M3 UltraFast is a top-rated sterilization piece designed to particularly facilitate dental implant treatment with its speedy sterilization feature. Specifically, it processes and disinfects any extra dental tools and handpieces in a quick fashion, preventing disruptions to dental procedures.

Our sterilization process

Sydney places dental sterilization as our top priority for our customers’ utmost safety. The process entails five steps, as follows:

  1. Classification. Our dental instruments are sorted out after every use;
  2. Disinfection. Sorted instruments are cleaned with alcohol, soaked in Hexanios solution, and then disinfected using the Biosonic UC300 Ultrasonic Cleaner.
  3. Packaging. The disinfected items are placed into sterilization pouches to keep them sterilized until their next use. The bags are shut and labeled by their disinfection and expiration date with the MELAseal100+ Sealer.
  4. Steam sterilization. We sterilize our dental drills with the Sirona DAC Universal Autoclave and other instruments with the Sirona DAC Premium Autoclave.
  5. Storage. After sterilization, all the tools are kept separately in sterile cabinets adhering to strict international sterilization standards.