How much is a dental implant?

Are you looking for a tooth restoration treatment to replace your lost teeth? Good news is there are several options available that you can choose from, including dental crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants. While the first three serve as temporary fixes for tooth loss, implants are considered permanent and can last your lifetime. Great benefits aren’t cheap, however. These implants are typically more expensive than other alternatives. So how much is a dental implant? Is it going to be worth your money if you decide to get it? 

how much is a dental implant

This post from Sydney Dental will answer these questions for you right now. Wait no more, let’s just get into it!

1. Factors that affect the price of dental implants

Multiple different things decide how much your dental implant is. These include the following:

  • Where you live, that is your current country and city;
  • The hardware used in the treatment;
  • Extra procedures in preparation for dental implants, such as a tooth extraction, sinus lift, or a bone graft;
  • The experience and expertise of the dental surgeon;
  • The dental establishment where you are getting dental implants;
  • The type of dental implants;
  • The number of dental implants;
  • The type of anesthesia;
  • The complexity of the treatment.

1.1 The number of dental implants you need

One of the biggest factors in the cost of your dental implant treatment is the quantity of implants you are getting. If you only need a single dental implant, the cost will be considerably lower in comparison with implants for an entire mouth or jaw. The dental provider will give you a cost estimate and answer any questions you may have at your initial consultation.

1.2 Where your lost tooth is

If the missing tooth is in the “smile area”, it requires a different dental implant approach from that for other types of teeth like molars or canines. Moreover, a high level of skills and expertise is required for patients in complex cases. This will also add to your dental implant bill. 

1.3 Where you live

Your current country and city as well as the clinic you choose to go with play a big role in the pricing of your dental implants. Dental implants are typically charged at higher rates for those living in developed nations than patients in developing countries. This is on account of the lower costs of living between countries. Similarly, if you receive dental implants at a trusted clinic with innovative equipment, premium materials, and certified dentists, service fees are higher.

how much is a dental implant
how much is a dental implant

2. How much does a dental implant cost on average?

Dental implants are typically more costly than other dental restoration methods that present dentistry has to offer. The total cost for the treatment differs vastly. Nonetheless, the dental care provider will give you a cost estimate as they take all the deciding factors into account. According to the number of teeth to be replaced, the cost for a dental implant treatment can be divided into three categories:

Implant for a single tooth

If you only need restoration for only one tooth, the dentist will give you a single-tooth implant then bind a prosthesis on top, which can be a dental crown, bridge, or denture. The price for this treatment lies within a range of $,1000 to $,5000.

Implants for multiple teeth or an entire jaw

If there are many lost teeth, the dental care provider will carry out a multiple-tooth implant using customized replacement teeth. For all-on-four dental implants to restore a whole jaw, it may cost you between $12,000 and $25,000.

Implants for a full mouth

The dentist will likely recommend entire-mouth implant treatment for people who are without any tooth. The fee required for this approach varies substantially, from $8,000 to $90,000.

Dental implant quote at Sydney Dental in HCMC, Vietnam

Vietnam is among the top dental tourism destinations throughout Asia. We have a reputation for numerous tourist spots and beautiful coastline from the North through South as well as kind-hearted, hospitable people. Furthermore, Vietnam is well known for top-class dental facilities that are staffed with exceptional dental professionals, providing the best services to local as well as international customers.

You can totally have your peace of mind if you choose well-established dental facilities and experienced dental experts in Vietnam. The materials and equipment that we use are of international standards that are exported directly from abroad. Additionally, our dentists are graduates from reputable institutions with deep training and many years of clinical experience. 

Below is our price quote so you will have a general idea of how much you will pay and possibly save if you choose to have your implants done in HCMC, Vietnam with Sydney Dental compared to where you are based.

how much is a dental implant
how much is a dental implant
Service Fee ($)
NOBEL BIOCARE – Made in USA 1,200
STRAUMANN – Made in Switzerland 1,200
STRAUMANN SL ACTIVE – Made in Switzerland 1,400
TEKKA – Made in France 1,200
C-TECH – Made in Italy 1,200
DENTIUM (Korea) – Made in USA 1,000
Porcelain crown on implant – Extra 210
Porcelain crown on implant – Full 295
Porcelain crown on implant – Digital Full 380
Implant restoration – GH crown 375
Implant restoration – GHL crown 470
Implant restoration – VGHL crown 610
Implant restoration – Zirconia crown 280
Full-arch implant restoration – Stage 2 – Titan/CrCO & Zirconia abutments – 4 posts 5,300
Full-arch implant restoration – Stage 2 – Titan/CrCO & Zirconia abutments – 6 posts 5,500
Full-arch implant restoration – Stage 2 – Titan/CrCO & Zirconia abutments – 7 posts 5,700
All on 4 – 1 arch 8,485
All on 4 – 1 arch 10,600
All on 6 – 1 arch 10,600
All on 6 – 1 arch 12,700

3. A word from Sydney

Hopefully after this read from Sydney Dental you have got a good understanding of what factors can affect the price of a dental implant as well as what the general cost for a dental implant is. If you are still unsure of anything in search of a new unforgettably stunning smile, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are at 499-501 Ba Hat St, Ward 8, District 10, HCMC, Vietnam looking forward to your visit. You may also call us at (028) 3504 9440 for a free no-obligation comprehensive consultation. Your pretty, shiny smile is 100% guaranteed at Sydney Dental!

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