How much do dental implants cost? All you kneed to know

After a lot of research, you have found out that dental implants could be the ideal treatment for your missing or severely decayed teeth. Nonetheless, you get startled at the cost estimates. Is the high cost really worth the benefits?

This post from Sydney will talk about dental implants cost so you will know what to expect financially and whether it is right for your particular case.

dental implant price

1. A Single Tooth Implant Cost

Dental implants, which consist of titanium posts surgically inserted into the jawbone, provide a long-term treatment for lost teeth.
The number of implants required, the kind of implant, the location, extra operations, dental insurance, and the materials used all affect how much dental implants cost.

Dental implants come in three varieties: implant-supported dentures, all-on-4 dental implants, and single dental implants.
In Australia, dental implants typically cost $5514, but they may cost up to $20,000 for all-on-4 implants and $15,000 for dentures supported by implants.

dental implants cost
Fig 1. How much does one single implant tooth cost -Sydney Dental Vietnam.

2. A Multiple Tooth Implant Cost

The All on 4 dental implant treatment is rather expensive, like other surgical procedures, therefore it’s crucial to know what those financial ramifications can be for you.

The average cost of an All-on-4 dental implant treatment is around £11,500 per arch or jaw. You would need to contrast it with other possible solutions, though, in order to have a better understanding of the cost. To put it in contrast:

The cost of many dental implants might range from £8,000 to £21,000 for each jaw. This is due to the possibility that the process might take up to six months, which could result in a large increase in the number of appointments, treatment duration, and supplies required.

dental implants cost
Fig 2. How much do multiple implant teeth cost – Sydney Dental Vietnam.

3. Additional Dental Implants Cost

Dental implants can be expensive for a number of reasons.

  • The surgical group
  • The therapy team
  • The actual implant components
  • The covering above the implant
  • The procedure of aftercare

Let’s examine each part separately to get a better idea of what you may expect to pay for a dental implant.

3.1. The surgical team’s expense

dental implants cost
Fig 3. Is there any other additional cost when getting dental implants? – Sydney Dental Vietnam.

The costs associated with the surgical team include things like:

  • The operating room
  • Nurses and other support personnel
  • Prolonged education; while this isn’t always the case, many dentists who place dental implants hold master’s degrees in periodontics.

3.2. How much the restorative team will cost

The surgical team and the restorative team might or might not be the same. A dentist with specialized training in dental implants is often brought in by dental offices to install the implant.

Next, the restorative team must budget for the facility and, most crucially, the tools needed to recover the dental implant. These tools frequently include tiny torque wrenches and screwdrivers that are made to the strictest specifications.

3.3. The cost of the implant component

Here is where there is occasionally a temptation for folks to save corners by purchasing inexpensive dental implant components. The top implant firms will be discussed later, but in the meanwhile, imitation implant systems that aim to imitate the appearance of more well-known systems are frequently available.

Although the concept is replicable, these less expensive systems are not produced with the same tolerances because they are just that—cheap. This may result in screw loosening, which might lead to the failure of the dental implant treatment. This may occasionally even indicate that the implant fails!

4. Factors Influencing Dental Implants Cost

The list of variables influencing dental implant costs is shown below.

dental implants cost
Fig 4. Factors Influencing Dental Implants Cost – Sydney Dental Vietnam.
  • Dentist Experience: The amount is determined by the degree of education and experience of the dentist, with more experienced dentists usually costing more due to their expertise.
  • Dental Implant Materials: The ultimate cost of the treatment is greatly influenced by the type of dental implant materials utilized; premium materials, such as titanium and porcelain, are often more expensive but offer superior stability and durability.
  • Preliminary Procedures: Before undergoing dental implant surgery, it may be necessary to have bone grafting or tooth extractions, which increases the total cost of the procedure. Each patient’s oral health determines if these extra treatments are necessary, so it’s important to discuss any prospective costs with a dentist in order to choose the best course of action.
  • Clinic Location: The cost of dental implants is influenced by the dental office’s location; rich or urban practices typically charge more than those in rural or poorly populated areas.
  • Unique characteristics of the patient: The particulars of the patient, such as dental health, the quantity of implants required, and the materials used, all affect how much implant dentistry procedures cost.

5. How much does dental implant cost on average?

dental implants cost
Fig 5. How much does dental implant cost on average? – Sydney Dental Vietnam.

Depending on the intricacy of the process and the number of implants used, the cost of the therapy varies. Speaking with your dentist about your treatment plan will help you get a good estimate of how much it will cost.

In general, one dental implant is expected to cost between £ 1500 and £ 2,500. All three implant components—the crown, the abutment, and the root replacement—are included in this cost.

The X-ray and the gum and tongue cleaning are the only additional expenses. The X-ray is about thirty pounds, but the cleaning comes out to be about one hundred and ten. The cost varies depending on the type of implant you choose; we will go over this in the sections that follow.

6. Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost in Vietnam

Full mouth rehabilitation in Vietnam costs US$ 5,800/A$ 8,690 to US$ 10,000/A$ 14,980 per jaw. However, the exact cost varies based on the clinic and the number of teeth requiring replacement.

The same procedure typically costs around US$ 24,000/A$ 35,960 to US$ 30,500/A$ 45,700 in the US and Australia. By choosing full mouth restoration in Vietnam, you can save up to 75% compared to these prices.

7. Conclusion

Since dental implants maintain their stability and guard against more bone loss in the jaw area, they have proven to be superior than dentures. Dental implants persist permanently for those over 45. When installed in your mouth cavity, implants feel much like real teeth. Recall to clean them and do periodic maintenance on the implants.

At Sydney Dental Vietnam, we provide elderly residents in Vietnam with the best dental implant options. Contact us now for further information.

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