Dental Implants Overseas – What you should know

A permanent solution for tooth loss is provided by dental implants, the foundation of contemporary dentistry. Dental implants overseas are a popular operation as many people find the prospect of having their smile and confidence restored to be appealing.

Due to the attraction of lower prices, people are becoming more interested in getting dental implants overseas as demand has increased. Is it truly worth it, though?

dental implants overseas

This post from Sydney Dental will cover what you need to know about getting dental implants treatment overseas, including the advantages and potential issues that come hand in hand with it.

1. What is dental implants overseas?

A common and reliable method of replacing lost or broken teeth is with dental implants. But in certain nations, dental implants may be quite costly, which is why a lot of individuals travel overseas to have dental implants therapy (or dental implants overseas)

Travelers seeking dental care often choose to visit Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, and India.

2. What is Dental Implants Overseas Procedure?

dental implants overseas
Figure 1. What is dental implants overseas procedure ?

The kind of implants and the state of your jawbone determine the course of a dental implants procedure.

There are phases to the dental treatment. The preliminary planning and consultation phase is the first step. Physical examinations, scans, extractions, and any other procedures required to get the teeth ready for the implants are all part of this needed phase.

Osteointegration is the ultimate phase. This involves putting in the implants and giving the jawbone time to adjust with it. After that, the abutment is screwed into position. You then have a dental crown following a three to six month gap to allow for recovery.

3. Getting dental implants overseas – Is it good ?

Prior to traveling overseas for dental implants, do some research. The clinic’s repute is the first consideration. To have a better understanding of the quality of care provided by the clinic, read patient reviews. In addition, there are advantages and disadvantages of getting dental implants abroad.

dental implants overseas
Figure 2. Getting dental implants overseas – Is it good ?

3.1. The Benefits of Getting Dental Implants Overseas

Reduced Treatment Costs
Compared to affluent nations such as the US and Canada, dental implants therapy is frequently substantially less expensive in these countries.

dental implants overseas
Figure 3. Benefits of getting dental implants overseas

Accessible Professional Dentists
There are many of skilled dentists in these nations who can offer outstanding treatment at more affordable prices.

Additionally, these nations provide a wide range of alternatives, which simplify the process of selecting the ideal facility and treatment program for your requirements.

3.2. The Risks of Dental Tourism

Poor Quality of Care
While some clinics may not offer the same quality of care as those in rich countries, this is not always the case.

Language Trouble
You could find it challenging to fully understand particulars of your treatment plan or communicating with your dentist, even if you speak the language of your country.

Finally, it’s crucial to thoroughly consider your alternatives before traveling because access to follow-up treatment can be restricted after you get back home.

4. What is Cost Of A Dental Implants Overseas?

dental implants overseas
Figure 4. What is cost of dental implants overseas?

Dental implants overseas can be expensive depending on the provider; but, on average, it’s far less expensive than in Australian dental offices in places like Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. These countries are considered as cheap dental implants overseas destination.

However in addition to implant surgery, there are other considerations that come into play when considering dental implants abroad, such the availability of foreign dentists. The primary ones consist of airfare, meals, lodging, prescription drugs after treatment, and local travel. Furthermore, you cannot ignore the money you lost as a result of your absence from work.

Should you need an additional procedure, you will be responsible for paying for the best maxillofacial surgeons and extra anesthesia.

5. Comparative Prices of Dental Implants Overseas

Thailand $800 to $2,000
Bali $600 to $1,500
Vietnam $800 to $1,200
India  $500 to $1,000
Turkey $400-$10,000
Australia $1,500 to $6,200

The above price is applicable for individual implants, whether it’s for a single tooth implant or a full-mouth implant, also known as an all-on-4 implant. Typically, depending on each dental clinic, all on 4 dental implants cost overseas may or may not include the crown.

It is advisable to inquire thoroughly with your dentist or specialist before proceeding with any treatment to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings. The all on 4 dental implants cost overseas, also known as a full-mouth implant, will vary depending on key factors such as the implant material, facility infrastructure, the expertise of the dentist, and the warranty terms.

Therefore, there is no specific or exact price for this service. If you need more information, we recommend visiting the dental clinic directly for a consultation with the dentist to assess your case and provide a treatment plan.

4. Affordable Dental Implants at Sydney Dental in Vietnam

all-on 4 dental implants cost overseas
Figure 5. Affordable Dental Implants at Sydney Dental in Vietnam

Vietnam is best overseas dental implants option for these following reasons:

  • Big savings: More than 70% off US/Australian prices.
  • Experienced dentists Ho Chi Minh City’s implants dentists have more than ten years of experience and are globally trained.
  • Dental safety: In Ho Chi Minh City, cutting-edge dental equipment and methods provide effective and safe dental care.
  • Simple to communication: The dentist staff in Ho Chi Minh City speaks English well.
  • Relaxed vacation: It’s the perfect place to relax with vibrant marketplaces, top-notch museums, beaches, and colonial architecture.

5. A word from Sydney 

Dental implants treatment overseas can be a good option for people who cannot afford dental implants treatment in their home country. However, it is important to do your research and choose a reputable dental implants clinic that provides high-quality care. Be aware of the risks and take steps to mitigate them.

By taking the time to choose the right dental implants clinic, patients can receive affordable, high-quality dental implants treatment and enjoy a positive experience overall.

Hopefully this read on getting dental implants overseas is informative and helpful to you learning about this tooth restoration option. Contact us (+84) 902 714 253 for a free no-obligation comprehensive consultation. Your pretty, shiny smile is 100% guaranteed at Sydney Dental!

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