Dental implants for pensioners

As patients are at a certain age, they may start to feel like they are getting too old for medical and dental treatments. The fears that the success rates are much lower or recovery time may take forever are common in such individuals.

And on top of that, they wonder if dental implants for pensioners function as well as they do for younger adults. 

dental implants for pensioners


This post from Sydney will answer these questions so you or a loved one can have an easier time weighing the options for the best, most suitable dental treatment. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile and good oral health and that includes you or a loved one.

1. What is a dental implants for pensioners and why is it needed?

Dental implants play as alternative tooth roots and are shaped like screws. These are usually made of titanium and to be inserted into your jawbone to get anchored into the body. The ultimate goal is to create a new stable base to hold tooth restoration on top. 

Most of the time, when people refer to a dental implant, they mean the entire piece that function like a real teeth, which includes 3 main components:

  • A titanium screw-like implant post to be planted into the jawbone. The post gets fused into the body in a process known as osseointegration to hold the top tooth restoration in place;
  • An abutment, or a connector between the titanium post and the prosthesis. It is usually made of metal and attached on top of the implant in the same as or separate visit from the implant surgery;
  • A top prosthesis, or tooth restoration, which can be a dental crown, bridge, or denture, depending on the number of lost teeth and the needs of the patients.
dental implants for pensioners
Figure 1. What is dental implant for pensioners? – Sydney Dental Vietnam.

Dental implant treatment can benefit people who:

  • Have lost a single, multiple, or all the teeth in the mouth;
  • Have severely decayed or damaged teeth that are beyond saving;
  • Have loose complete or partial dentures that are causing them a lot of hassle;
  • Have a loose bridge that needs to be addressed;
  • Are not willing to wear dentures for their tooth loss;
  • Are not happy with their smile restored by conventional dentures, bridges, crowns, or veneers.
dental implants for pensioners
Figure 2. Dental implants for pensioners at Sydney Dental Vietnam.

2. Can a person be too old to receive dental implants?

Good news is dental implants have been proved to be just as durable and effective a tooth restoration in an older age. Although this treatment is not recommended for minors under 18 years of age due to the fact that their jaw structure is still developing, there is no limitation on the upper age range. So all in all, no one is ever too old for dental implants.

Though an old age does not hurt a patient’s eligibility for dental implants as long as the jaw has reached its full growth, one may not be a good candidate for the treatment if they:

  • Are a smoker or tobacco user;
  • Have significant jawbone volume loss;
  • Have poor oral hygiene;
  • Have on-going periodontal disease;
  • Have certain health conditions that may hinder healing, such as bone, blood clotting, or immune disorders.
dental implants for pensioners nsw
Figure 3. Can a person be too old to receive dental implants?

Everyone has a different medical history and oral state so if you want to get an accurate evaluation to know your candidacy, contact a trusted dental care provider for a consultation. They will conduct a thorough examination and give you recommendations based on the findings.

3. What are the risks and benefits of dental implants for pensioners?

dental implants for pensioners
Figure 4. What are the risks and benefits for pensioners?
Risks Benefits
Longer recovery time  Permanent
Reactions adverse to anesthesia Look natural
Failure of the implant if post-procedure care is not taken Enhance oral health and general dental hygiene
Increased self-assurance
Decreased gum disease

4. Why are Dental Implants the Most Ideal Option for Pensioners?

Easy maintenance

Dental implants act like your natural teeth, so you can maintain them with routine brushing and flossing, unlike partial dentures. Your oral hygiene is greatly improved by this regular care.

Economical and practical

Dental implants can be a more practical and affordable option even though they are considered intrusive treatments, particularly for seniors who are replacing several teeth. This is because, with the right maintenance, dental implants may endure for at least 20 years, in contrast to traditional dentures that need to be replaced every five to seven years.

dental implants for pensioners
Figure 5. Dental Implants the Most Ideal Option for Pensioners

Different implant and financing options

Additionally, a variety of choices for fake teeth are available. Depending on your specific circumstances, you have the option of replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a whole arch (such as with an All-on-4 dental implant).

Pensioners may select an affordable dental treatment plan with ease, thanks to the variety of financial choices available, such as flexible payment options and health fund advantages.

Enhanced health of the mandible

Dental implants support the health of the mandible. The loss of a tooth causes the jawbone to gradually recede, giving the appearance of a sunken face. Because the implant is osseointegrationally implanted into the bone, it inhibits this type of bone loss and promotes bone development, preserving the natural contours of your face.

5. How much does dental implants for pensioners cost?

The overall number of implants needed, the cost of bone grafting if necessary, and the particular dental office or prosthodontist you select can all affect the price of dental implants in Vietnam.

dental implants for pensioners australia
Figure 6. A patient from Australia did the All-on-4 at our clinic in Vietnam

Although dental implants do initially cost more than partial dentures, many seniors discover that they offer greater value over the long run. For cases of multiple or complete tooth loss in the elderly, we recommend the All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implant procedures. Furthermore, dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular in many countries.

We assure you that if you choose to undergo these procedures in Vietnam, the costs will be lower compared to the general standard, along with other benefits that dental tourism offers.

6. What is recovery from dental implants for pensioners like?

As a dental implant is a surgical procedure, recovery is needed for the patient’s body to go back to normal. The majority of patients will experience some pressure pain and mild swelling around the implant site in the first or two days following surgery. After the 48 hours mark, the implant site will be settled and won’t cause much trouble onwards.

However, it may take 2 to 6 months for the implant to completely get anchored into the jawbone. This is also referred to as osseointegration and is the deciding factor in the success of the dental implant treatment and its long-term durability.

At your follow-ups with the dentist, they will make sure your healing time is going smoothly and tell you about when you can go back to eating routine food and doing normal activities.

When they are sure that the implant has successfully integrated into the body, they will proceed to add a tooth restoration on top. A failed implant treatment may occur if this top prosthesis is done too early.

7. Dental implants for Pensioners in Vietnam

Dental health becomes increasingly more crucial as we age. The problem of missing teeth and the potential effects it might have on general wellbeing may be experienced by many seniors.

A solution that can improve quality of life and restore functioning is provided by dental implants for pensioners at Sydney Dental Vietnam

Throughout this article, our Sydney Dental Vietnam give you the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants for seniors, as well as other choices, recuperation times, financial implications, and implant costs.
Don’t forget that we always provide patients with all the dental service in the most reasonable price and high quality. Contact us via (+84) 902 714 253 or

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