Cost of dental implant: What should you expect?

One of the most frequently asked questions about implants besides concerns about the procedure, recovery and risks is the actual cost of dental implant. We understand that we all have so many bills to take care of on a monthly basis and how difficult it must be to pay for something extra and possibly expensive like dental implants. 

cost of dental implant

Before looking at the numbers, we hope you will regard dental implants as a lifetime investment, not a short-time fix for your dental problems. Read on with us Sydney Dental and learn about the pricing of dental implants.

1. What is the cost of a dental implant?

Keep in mind that how much dental implants cost varies considerably from case to case. Generally speaking, a single dental implant is at around $1,500 to $2,000. Note that this is per implant itself, not the procedure. While some people only need a dental implant, certain individuals have to receive multiple as they’ve lost several teeth. Other things that may add to your treatment bill include:

  • Dental extraction if needed;
  • Root canal treatment if required;
  • The abutment, the part that connects the implant post with the top prosthesis;
  • The top prosthesis that may include a dental crown, bridge, or denture;
  • Office examination, X-rays, and follow-ups;
  • Additional procedures to support dental implant surgery, like a sinus lift or bone graft;
  • Pre-treatment care;
  • The aftercare.

Additional costs like these range from $1000 to $5000, which brings the total bill to $2,500 to $7,000 for an implant.

2. Factors that affect the pricing of dental implants

The materials used in the implants

Implants are often made of titanium or zirconium. The quality and maker of the materials used will decide the price.

The treating dentist

Included in the price is the expertise and experience of the dentist. The more experienced they are, the higher the cost is.

The location 

That is where you are getting the implants – your current country and city as well as the clinic you choose to go with. If you are living in a developed country, dental implants will be charged at higher fees than patients living in developing nations. This is due to the generally lower costs of living in such countries. Likewise, if you have your implants at a reputable clinic with state-of-the-art facilities and well-trained dentists, service fees are higher.

cost of dental implant
cost of dental implant

The anesthesia option

As dental implant is an invasive surgery, the dentist will use anesthesia to keep you from feeling any pain during the whole process. While cost varies, depending on the type of anesthesia used.

The additional procedures and the patient’s overall health

The fee is also determined based on the state of the patient’s gums and jawbone. Costs also increase if the patient is required to receive preparatory procedures for implants, like tooth extraction, root canal treatment, sinus lift, or bone graft.

When is a bone graft needed?

If you have lost a substantial amount of the jawbone, you may not be eligible for dental implants just yet. In order for you to have enough healthy bone in the jaw to hold the implants, the dentist may recommend a bone graft surgery to regenerate the missing bone. The graft may be taken from your body or from a human or animal tissue bank. The grafting material can be man-made as well.

3. The benefits may outweigh its cost

As we mentioned, dental implants are like an investment for life. These implants seem to be extremely expensive, especially when compared with other tooth restoration methods. Nonetheless, alternatives like crowns, bridges, and dentures are only temporary and will need to be repaired or replaced after several to 10 years. Dental implants, on the contrary, can last your lifetime with proper care and maintenance. This tooth replacement treatment also helps prevent you from having further tooth loss whereas the other methods fail to do the same.

cost of dental implant
cost of dental implant

Here are the whole list of perks that makes dental implants a worthwhile purchase:

  • Better looks. Dental implants are similar to your natural teeth to the eyes and touch. As they are attached to your bone, they are permanent.
  • Better communication. The slips of teeth from ill-fitting dentures are gone with dental implants. No more numbling or slurring in your everyday speech.
  • More comfort. Unlike removable dentures, as dental implants stay there like a natural part of your body, you may not realize they are even there at times.
  • Improved eating. Functioning like your original teeth, dental implants help you chew freely with ease and no pain. No more worries of dentures sliding inside of your mouth while chewing.
  • More confidence. Your shiny smile can be back with dental implants. That way you’ll be much more confident and comfortable with yourself
  • Enhanced oral wellness. Dental implants keep more of your original teeth intact, as no tooth reduction or alteration is required to support the implant. This can boost your oral health in the long run. Additionally, individual implants give teeth space to breathe, thereby improving your mouth hygiene.
  • Long-time use. These pieces are very durable and can stay good for multiple years, or even a lifetime with good care.
  • Convenience. You won’t have to feel the embarrassment of removing dentures anymore and no more messy adhesives for sticking them to your mouth by opting for dental implants

4. A word from Sydney

Dental implants may seem a little too expensive for some people. However, considering its many advantages over other tooth restoration treatments, many people agree that dental implants are totally worth their money. Moreover, most reputable clinics around the world offer installment payment methods for dental implants, meaning you will pay a base amount the first month then a small fixed sum the following months until the payment is finished. 

Hopefully after this post from Sydney Dental you’ve learnt what constitutes the total cost of a dental implant, what the average charge for a dental implant is, and all the benefits from dental implants. If you are still unsure of anything in search of a new unforgettably stunning smile, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are at 499-501 Ba Hat St, Ward 8, District 10, HCMC looking forward to your visit. You may also call us at (028) 3504 9440 for a free no-obligation comprehensive consultation. Your pretty, shiny smile is 100% guaranteed at Sydney Dental!

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