Benefits of

Full Mouth Implants


Comprehensive Restoration

Improved Chewing and Speech

Enhanced Appearance

Long-Term Durability

Bone Preservation


Transform Your Smile with Full Mouth Implants

What is the Full Mouth treatment?

The full mouth implant procedure is an advanced technique where an entire arch of teeth is supported by only four dental implants. This quick, minimally invasive, and highly successful procedure has emerged as a preferred alternative to dentures. With the guidance of a skilled and experienced dentist, full mouth dental implants deliver beautiful results, restoring patients’ smiles and enabling them to smile confidently once again.

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What our patients say

Dr. Hai treated me with professionalism and a friendly attitude. He made me feel comfortable, relaxed and welcomed. He explained everything I needed to know in detail and answered my questions thoroughly about my dental implant treatment. I appreciated his knowledge and how he explained my procedure, which helped me feel at ease.

Sharon Fisher

I read a post about Sydney Dental on Facebook. With many positive reviews from previous patients, I decided to choose this dental clinic to undergo full-mouth dental implant treatment. From the start, Dr. Hoa and her team made me feel like I made the right choice. I never felt scared to ask questions. I trusted her with each step, even when it was tough emotionally. Now, I can live without pain and smile freely.

Lucas Sinclair

I had a great experience getting a dental implant with Dr. Long and his team. The staff, technicians, and doctor were all top-notch. During all my visits to the office, I received excellent treatment. I had teeth that had been loose for a long time, so I decided to get implants to fill the gap. The doctor explained the procedure thoroughly, so I knew what to expect.

Charlotte L. Wheeler

Full mouth dental implant process

Before the treatment

The cost of All-on-6 implants starts at $9,000, encompassing dental implant screws, abutments, and crowns. For international patients, flight and accommodation expenses are covered. However, pricing may vary based on individual cases due to factors like bone grafts or sedation services. For an accurate quote, schedule a complimentary consultation at Sydney Dental Clinic in Vietnam or inquire about dental implant costs.

During the treatment

During the procedure, the dentist carefully implants dental fixtures into the jawbone. To ensure patient comfort, local anesthetic or intravenous sedation is administered. Once the implants are securely in place, a temporary prosthesis can be affixed, providing patients with an immediate improvement in their smile aesthetics. This allows individuals to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile on the very same day while the implants heal and integrate with the jawbone for long-term stability.

After the treatment

During the initial three months, the mouth heals and adjusts to the new implants. Patients should avoid hard or chewy foods during this time. Afterwards, a permanent dental solution, like a bridge or overdenture, can be attached to the implants.

What Causes Implants To Fail?

For those with numerous missing or damaged teeth, full mouth implants become a viable option. If you’ve experienced discomfort and embarrassment with ill-fitting dentures, conventional full mouth implants may not be feasible due to jawbone density. However, the All-on-4 technique could offer a solution. To determine your eligibility for full teeth implants, consult with a skilled dental implant specialist. Here are some factors to consider:

Your General Health

Certain medical conditions, like hypertension, can complicate surgery. However, with your dentist’s knowledge of your complete medical history, precautions can be taken to minimize any heightened risks.

Placing Dental Implant

Advanced gum disease is a common cause of damaged or missing teeth, and it can also pose risks to dental implants due to potential infection. However, addressing the issue with proper treatment beforehand can pave the way for successful full mouth dental implants.

Your Lifestyle Choices

Smoking significantly heightens the risk of dental implant failure by constraining blood flow to surrounding tissues. To enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome, it’s advisable to abstain from smoking for at least two weeks following implant placement.