Nowadays it is dental implants that are deemed as the most durable and effective tooth restoration treatment. These offer a permanent fix for patients who have lost a single, multiple, or one whole arch or even all the teeth in the mouth. If all the teeth in one of your jaws are missing, chances are getting full arch dental implants is the right thing for you.

full arch dental implants

So how does this type of implant work? What are the benefits? Let Sydney Dental guide you through what you need to know about full arch dental implants right now.

What are full arch dental implants?

A dental implant is a screw-like post usually made of titanium planted into your jaw to serve as an alternative tooth root. After its placement, it will fuse with the jawbone tissue to create a strong base to hold the top tooth restoration, including a dental crown, bridge, or denture. It also helps stimulate the jaw tissue to prevent jawbone degeneration.

Full arch dental implants, also widely known as an all-on-X, is a treatment where all teeth on an entire jaw are replaced with dental implants. 

In what ways can you benefit from full arch dental implants?

They are long-lasting

Implants have been proved to be durable as they can last many years and even for life with proper care while other alternatives like dental crowns, bridges, or conventional dentures have to be adjusted or replaced after a few years.

They prevent jawbone deterioration

As dentures are made to only latch onto your gum line, they have no effect on your jawbone density. On the other hand, dental implants are placed into and thus stressed against the jawbone, effectively preventing jawbone loss. 

They keep your face in shape

Jawbone loss due to missing teeth can lead to unwanted problems to your face, including:

  • Bite mislignment;
  • Sunken face;
  • Drooping cheeks;
  • Sagging skin.

These signs can become the worst in those with full mouth or entire arch tooth loss. Since full arch dental implants improve bone loss, they help keep the jaw structure in good shape, and hence, better your facial looks.

They facilitate clear speech

Loose dentures that keep shifting back and forth can result in mubling and slurring as you speak. This is not a problem with dental implants since they are nicely secured in your mouth. 

They feel very natural

As osseointegration is complete, which means the implant posts have successfully been fused into your mouth, the new implants can be considered as a part of your body. Unlike dentures that may move at times, implants feel so natural that you may even forget they are there most of the time.

They provide great convenience

Dental implants are fixed restoration in the jaw that functions like natural teeth. This means you will be saved from embarrassment and messy adhesives from removing dentures around people. 

full arch dental implants

What are the approaches for full arch dental implants?

There are two most common methods for full arch dental implants, that is an all on four or an all on six. 

All-on-four dental implants

As the name suggests, this technique involves placing 4 separate implants in the arch to create a strong base to hold a bridge or denture on top.

All-on-six dental implants

Similar to an all-on-four, all-on-six implants mean planting six implants in the patient’s jaw to hold the top prosthesis in place.

Similar to getting a single implant, you will undergo two main stages for an all on four as well as all on six. The first one is dental implant insertion into the jaw and the other is the binding the tooth restoration. Moreover, both all on four and all on six are for immediate function, which means they don’t require the preparatory procedure known as a bone graft surgery. Those who have little bone tissue volume can therefore find these all on X’s ideal.

What is the procedure for full arch dental implants?

Initial appointment

At the consultation, the dental care provider will give you an oral examination and learn about your medical as well as dental history. They will also ask for your list of current medications and supplements. They will also take measurements of your jaw and teeth to fabricate natural-looking and well-fitting false teeth for you.

Tooth removal as needed

A tooth removal will be prescribed by the oral surgeon prior to dental implant surgery if the affected tooth is still in your jaw. The extraction can be done at the same appointment as the implant surgery. 

Dental implant surgery

First, you will be put under local anesthesia or IV sedation to ensure a painless and comfortable procedure. Then, the oral surgeon will make small incisions into your gum. Next, they will drill access holes into the jawbone using a specialized tool. This is where they will place the implants. Finally, the oral surgeon seals the cuts shut over the posts to keep them covered. The number of incisions and implants are 4 and 6 for an all on four and all on six. The surgeon will make sure to position them with even gaps within the arch. This is to create a base that is strong enough to secure the prosthesis of the second stage. 

full arch dental implants

Abutment and tooth restoration placement

Following the surgery, the patient will have their healing time at home during which the new implant posts get fused into the jawbone. This process is usually referred to as osseointegration. 

Once osseointegration has completed, you will return for another visit to have the abutment bound on top of the dental implants. This is a surgical procedure that can be done using a numbing medication in an outpatient setting.

The patient will recover for another two weeks or so before they can come back for the last procedure of the full mouth dental implants during which the dentist will bind the prosthetic teeth on the abutments. Then you can go home with a brand new beautiful smile.

A word from Sydney

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