A dental implant plays as an artificial root for a lost tooth in the jaw. It is a metal post that is inserted into the jawbone to hold a tooth restoration on top. As a matter of fact, dental implants are getting more and more popular among people with missing teeth around the world. This post from Sydney will provide you with all the benefits of dental implants to explain why these are the preference over more long-standing alternatives like dental bridges and dentures for so many patients.

benefits of dental implants

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The advantages to getting dental implants

Dental implants are a permanent, durable, and convenient fix for missing teeth as they are held securely in the jaw and look and function just like original teeth. Benefits from them that patients can get are multiple, making them a worthwhile investment of time and money.

They are very durable

Dental implants have been proven to be the most long-lasting tooth restoration method that current dentistry has to offer. In fact, these can last for many years and even a person’s lifetime with proper maintenance and care.

They enhance your oral wellness

No alterations and reductions to other teeth are necessary with dental implants. That means your remaining teeth are kept intact, improving your oral health. Moreover, separate implants allow sufficient space between teeth, which enables you to easily clean and care for them.

They prevent jawbone loss

The jawbone under your lost tooth no longer has something over to stress and hold it still. Gradually, as a result, the bone tissue in that area will break down and get reabsorbed into the body. This process can be slowed down and stopped with the help of dental implants as they serve as the new roots for your missing teeth.

They keep surrounding teeth in place

When there is a lost tooth, the adjacent ones can shift towards this gap, resulting in complications with your bite and chewing ability. A dental implant can fill the gap between teeth to prevent them from moving. 

They improve your facial shape

Loss of jawbone from missing teeth can misshapen your face. This can be manifested in:

  • Misaligned bite;
  • Sunken facial looks;
  • Drooping cheeks;
  • Loose skin.

The above signs can get very visible in those who have multiple missing teeth. These problems can be prevented with dental implants as they keep the jaw structure in shape by putting a stop to the jawbone loss process.

benefits of dental implants

They better your speech

No more mumbling or slurs from ill-fitting dentures that slide and shift now that you have dental implants. Since they are secured in your jaw, clear speech is another perk that will come your way.

They look and feel natural

The dentist will always make sure to take impressions of your teeth and jaw and notes of your tooth color to fabricate the most natural-looking crown for you in the lab. Others may not be able to tell your dental implants and natural teeth apart. 

Once osseointegration is completed, the new implants will officially become a part of your body. They feel so natural that you will forget they are even there most of the time.

They boost your self-esteem

As your beautiful smile is back, there is no more self-consicousness whenever you interact with other people. You will soon start to feel a lot more attractive and confident about yourself. 

They restore your chewing ability

With a full set of healthy, stable teeth, your chewing is undoubtedly restored to its full capacity. You can now have your favorites and any new exotic dishes you have always wanted to try with such peace of mind. 

They allow easy eating

Slipping or shifting dentures can make eating a real challenge. Dental implants function just like your original teeth so you can totally go back to having your favorite snacks without any worries.

They are a convenience

The fact that dental implants are fixtures means they will remain there as a natural part of your jaw. You will be saved from the embarrassment and the messy adhesive when removing dentures in front of others.

They improve your overall quality of life

With all the aforementioned perks, it is no wonder that your life quality will be brought to a new level with your smile, confidence, and chewing ability back. Improved chewing helps you maintain a good diet, improving your overall health and shape while the newfound confidence pushes you to thrive in your career and relationships. That explains why most people feel much more content and happy with their life after dental implants.

benefits of dental implants

So are you a candidate for dental implants?

A good candidate for dental implants should be healthy enough to receive dental surgery. They should also have:

  • Healthy gums;
  • Enough jawbone density to hold implants;
  • Good oral hygiene;
  • Frequent dental checkups and cleanings.

Some risk factors can impact your candidacy for implants, that is when you:

  • Are under 18 years of age. Dental implants are usually recommended for those with a fully developed jaw;
  • Smoke or use tobacco products;
  • Have significant jawbone loss;
  • Have poor oral hygiene;
  • Have deep tooth decay;
  • Have periodontal diseases;

A few conditions may make you ineligible for getting dental implants, as follows:

  • Diabetes that is not under control;
  • Blood clotting conditions;
  • Betabolic bone disease;
  • Ongoing cancer treatment.

Whatever the case is, always make sure to talk with a certified dentist at a reputable clinic for your information. They will ask for your medical and dental history as well as your list of current medications and supplements. Thorough examination will also be carried out so for the dentist to identify your oral state and hence your candidacy for dental implant treatment. If you are deemed unqualified, they will give you recommendations on how to proceed as well as good alternatives that you can choose from.

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