Dental Tourism Process

Step 1:

Contact us with your inquiries. Providing recent X-rays is helpful but not required. We can discuss treatment options and estimates regardless. If you haven’t visited a dentist recently, come in for an initial assessment at our clinic. Results will depend on your specific needs.

Step 2:

Once your treatment options are clear, we’ll discuss your travel plans. The cost and schedule estimately is included on your plans, . After your decision, we’ll assist with logistical arrangements for your stay in Vietnam, including travel documents, hotel selection, and sightseeing plans if needed.

Step 3:

Upon your arrival in Vietnam, we can arrange airport pick-up if needed. Your treatment will proceed according to our predetermined schedule, and any changes will be communicated upfront by our doctors following further diagnostics. Throughout the entire treatment, we prioritize providing you with the highest standards of care.

Complimentary Discovery Session

New patient consultations are complimentary and scheduled by our interanational sales specialists.

Pricing and fees are subject to change at any time, without any given notice. See terms and conditions for further information.


. Comprehensive dental examination
& explanation of findings

. A discussion about your dental concerns, goals & desires

. Cone beam CT taking

. Soft and hard tissue check

. Bite analysis

. Face and smile analysis

. A personalised treatment plan


Ranked among the top luxury hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, centrally located and ideally situated for easy access to both our clinic and popular tourist attractions in the city. At Sydney Dental, our patients’ comfort during their stay is paramount, which is why we recommend the finest accommodation options to ensure their well-being.

You won’t have to pay for your hotel stay during your entire trip if you choose to book our dental tourism package

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After your treatment, we’ll provide essential care instructions for your new smile and remain available to answer any questions once you’re back home. We’ll assist with any necessary documentation and value the long-term relationships we’ve built with our international clients. Your trust in Westcoast International as your dental provider is appreciated, and we welcome your feedback and referrals. Our goal is to ensure a smooth, predictable, and enjoyable experience for all our international guests visiting our dental clinic.